Phd Students


Main supervisor:

  • Marco Guberina, Robotic Hand-Arm Coordination, Lund University
  • Gabriel Arslan Waltersson, Haptic-based object tracking, Chalmers
  • Rita Laezza, Learning-based Manipulation of Deformable Objects, Chalmers
  • Albin Dahlin, Online trajectory generation under Constraints, Chalmers



  • Ignacio Cuiral-Zueco, University of Zaragoza, at Lund University
  • Monica Sileo, University of Basilicata, at Lund University
  • Mohammadreza Shetab-Bushehri, Institut Pascal, Université Clermont Auvergne, at Chalmers



Selected Master Theses Projects

  • Valentin Dambly, Trajectory Generation using Dynamic Movement Primitives under Hierarchical Constraints, E2/Chalmers (2019).
  •  Indrek Kivi, Online Planning-Based Reinforcement Learning for Robotic Manipulation, E2/Chalmers and ABB (2019).
  •  Amr Salem, Robotic Assembly of Rounded Parts with and Without Threads Oil Filter Assembly in an Engine by Mean of Threaded Joints, E2/Chalmers and Volvo GTO (2019).
  • Mahmoud Hanafy and Samuel Ingemarsson, Bin picking and placing of complex geometric objects using convolutional neural networks, E2/Chalmers and VOLVO GTO (2018).
  • Maurice Musch, Dynamic Movement Primitives for Human- Robot handover E2/Chalmers and UMONS (2018).
  • Leon Amirpour, E2/Chalmers, Modeling and control for object manipulation via in-hand pivoting(2017).
  •  Iris Rögner, E2/Chalmers, Friction modeling for robotic applications with planar motion (2017).
  •  Amal Elawad, E2/Chalmers, Stability Analysis of Haptic Systems Undergoing Delays in Robot-Assisted Telesurgery (2016).
  • Mathias Fleckenstein, Robotic constrained Manipulation with Adaptive Control, S2/Chalmers (2016).
  • Dominik Widmann, An adaptive control approach based on dynamic movement primitives for human-robot handover, S2/Chalmers (2016).
  • Mazin Hamad,  Modelling and feed-forward control of robot arms with flexible joints and flexible links,  S2/Chalmers (2016).
  • Carolina Loureiro, Robotic grasping with optical tactile sensors, CSC/KTH (2015).
  • Valeria Reynaga Barba, Detecting Changes During the Manipulation of an Object Jointly Held by Humans and Robots, CSC/KTH (2015).
  • Luca Macellari, Automatic Control, Prescribed Performance Average Consensus Control for Second Order Integrators Models, Automatic Control/KTH (2014).
  • Martina Zambelli ,  Posture regulation for unicycle-like robots with prescribed performance guarantees, Automatic Control/KTH (2013).
  • Dinsefa Mohammed Mustefa, Dual Arm Robot Control based on Navigation Function with Prescribed Performance Guarantees, CSC/KTH (2012).